Flying Blind in the Freemium Funnel

You launched your new App. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people signed up for a trial or free plan.

Congratulations. Now what?

When you had a few beta users, you could communicate individually with them, and have a pretty good idea about how everyone was using your product. Now you are looking at a huge list of anonymous customers, and wondering where to start.

If yours is like most companies, you push your sales team (or yourself in an early-stage startup) to manually review more accounts, and do more introductory emails and phone calls.

Or marketing establishes a timeline of how customers would normally start using your product, and sends out mass emails based on their best guess of where customers should statistically be in that process, based on when they signed up.

Ok. But can’t we do better?

What if you could see exactly how each individual customer was using your app, directly within your CRM system? And what if all of their contact information, account information, and usage metrics updated in real-time?

Then you could know exactly where each customer was in the freemium funnel.

Who had signed up, who has started using the product. Which customers were using the product in a way that they were likely to stay on the free plan forever. Which customers are starting to use the product in a way that indicates they should upgrade to paid, and which ones are stopping or decreasing their usage.

Once you have that visibility, all sorts of things become possible.


You can segment customers between marketing and sales, updating your sales team’s CRM views so that customers who have just signed up or who aren’t seriously using the product don’t clutter their prospect view. Let email campaigns from marketing automation handle those guys. But if a new customer’s usage suddenly matches your best customers usage, you can now trigger a follow up task for a sales rep right away.

This actual usage data is very useful for a free trial, but critical for the freemium (or permanently free) plan, where adoption is often not as time-defined since there is no pressure to start paying. Learning the usage metrics of when customers might be likely to upgrade to paid, and then making sure your follow up efforts mirror those events will have a significant impact on conversions.
There is no punchline to this story, just a happy ending.

Of course, CloudAmp has built a product which does precisely all of the above. By integrating data from the back end of your SaaS application directly into Salesforce (other CRMs coming soon), you get the real time understanding of how each individual user is engaged with your product. And your team can segment your users based on their actual behavior at that point in time, for targeted conversations that produce revenue.

Stop flying blind in the freemium funnel, and get some visibility into your users today.


CloudAmp helps software companies centralize  customer engagement, usage and account data in their CRM.

Increase your conversion rates, customer retention, and revenue by gaining real-time visibility into how customers are using your App, directly within Salesforce.

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