Salesforce® Lead and Opportunity Dashboards

CloudAmp's Lead and Opportunity Dashboards are available for FREE download on the AppExchange.

Because this is a free app, we don't provide support for the dashboards, although we are glad to answer general questions. If you would like to have CloudAmp customize your dashboards to fit your Company's data, optional consulting services are available.

Lead Dashboard

  • Leads by Day (Last 60 Days, Line Graph)
  • Leads by Week (All Time, Line Graph)
  • Leads by Month (All Time, Bar Chart)
  • Leads by Status (All Time, Bar Chart)
  • Last 10 Leads (List)

Opportunity Dashboard

  • Leads Converted by Week (line graph)
  • Opportunities by Stage (funnel)
  • Revenue Closed this Quarter (gauge)
  • Opportunities Closed per Month (Won/Lost) (Stacked bar chart)
  • Top 10 Open Opportunities (list)
  • Last 10 Won Opportunties (list)
  • Average Age of Opportunties (bar chart)

CloudAmp has developed our lead dashboard and opportunity dashboard over more than a decade of using Salesforce to run sales and marketing organizations. Salesforce dashboards let you see at a glance how your business is doing, and see trends on a daily basis as the dashboards automatically update with live data.

If you need assistance customizing the data in your dashboards, please Contact us for a consulting quote. If you want to break out leads / opportunities by record type, or by owner, creator, or more, we can fine-tune these Salesforce dashboards for you to give you better visibility into your leads and pipeline.