CloudAmp Customer Success Story: cityHUNT

About cityHUNT

cityHUNT is the world’s awesomest team building scavenger hunt company. For more than 23 years they have been providing fun, connection and change for corporate teams through immersive and exhilarating experiences. Over 100,000 people have enjoyed cityHUNT scavenger hunts, including many school groups and nonprofit organizations through scholarships enabled by company scavenger hunts. For remote teams especially, cityHUNT helps teams break the chains of isolation and loneliness, and get out there and do something active together.


Before CloudAmp, cityHUNT was frustrated by a lack of data about their marketing efforts. They could see what they were spending on clicks, and what their sales were. But for their type of business, since purchases did not happen immediately like they would on an ecommerce site, there was a barrier between the spending and the closing.

cityHUNT could not link advertising clicks and sales together, so deals that were closed in Salesforce were siloed from the money that was being spent to acquire the leads. This data disconnect made testing and improving their marketing efforts very difficult.



Cloudamp bridged the gap, helping cityHUNT see what ad spend resulted in sales. By adding the CloudAmp Campaign Tracker to their Salesforce account, they removed a layer of offline conversion complexity, and could easily blend sales data and attribution data in Salesforce.

This led to cityHUNT being able to make better decisions on their marketing channels, making informed changes to reach more people with the cityHUNT message of awesomeness. They can now look at their biggest deals in Salesforce and identify the trends, knowing which keywords and adgroups are driving real sales.

After their initial success with CloudAmp, cityHUNT has gone on to improve their marketing analytics, building out dashboards to be able to optimize performance. Since Google data alone does not show what the actual ROI is, they used CloudAmp’s capability to capture the Google click ID (Gclid), along with Salesforce’s existing Google integration, to pass deal size on Won opportunities back to Google Ads. 

cityHUNT can now automate attribution in Salesforce, blending website conversion data, clicks, leads, converted leads and opportunity stages. The entire funnel can now be seamlessly followed from Google, to, and then on to Salesforce and new customers.


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About CloudAmp

CloudAmp can give you more data about your Leads in Salesforce, including full source attribution and page view data to prove ROI and improve your marketing. CloudAmp has been a Salesforce partner since 2012, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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